Sustainable Visitor’s Guide Now Available

With information on hiking and park highlights, FREELAND‘s newly launched Khao Yai Sustainable Visitor’s Guide (PDF 275kb) is a must read for anyone thinking of visiting this amazing World Heritage listed National Park.

The Guide contains advice on getting to Khao Yai and booking accommodation for overnight stays. Some of Khao Yai’s best sights and activities are featured, with a map of selected short hikes. The Guide also contains information on wildlife and park conservation, as well as tips on limiting the impact of your visit.


2 thoughts on “Sustainable Visitor’s Guide Now Available

  1. From tomorrow (July 1, 2008), Thailand’s Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) will limit the number of tourists permitted to visit Khao Yai and nine other important protected areas around the country.

    According to The Nation, DNP Director General Chalermsak Wanichsombat says the new limits will help ecosystems recover.

    Over the next year, Khao Yai will admit 2,650 overnight and 3,235 daytime visitors.

    Since its World Heritage Listing in 2005, Khao Yai has grown in popularity as a tourist destination and some have expressed concern about the impact of increasing numbers of visitors and the multiplication of resorts around the park.

    Human presence invariably impacts on wildlife and ecosystems, but responsible visitors can limit that impact and even make it positive by supporting conservation efforts.

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