Students Plant Trees to Restore Forest

In the lead up to World Environment Day (June 5), more than 100 students from five schools joined Khao Yai and FREELAND staff to get their hands dirty planting trees on a 20 acre deforested area near the park boundary, where human encroachment had damaged the forest.

Tree planting during the rainy season (May-June) gives saplings the best chance to survive, thanks to reliably high rainfalls. Local villagers grew saplings for the reforestation from seeds, nurturing them for many months – now those saplings can spread their roots.

Luckily, the rain held off on this fun day for all involved; full of music, smiling faces and hands-on conservation. The participation of schools aims to build awareness about the importance of forest preservation for future generations.

With generous support from The Foundation and many small helping hands, FREELAND’s Khao Yai reforestation work is direct action to combat global warming and reclaim lost habitat for wildlife.


4 thoughts on “Students Plant Trees to Restore Forest

  1. I’m really happy too see that some people not only care about Thailand’s natural heritage but are working hard to preserve and even devlop it.

    I live a little to the NE of the park on the outskirts of Korat and I would really like to become actively involved.

    You have my email address so please get in touch and let me know what I can do to help.

  2. Seven months on, it’s sad to report that many of the planted saplings failed to take root.

    On a more positive note, a book about the more extensive Khao Phang Ma Reforestation project has just been launched. This successful project, in honour of H.M. the King, covers approximately 10,000 rai (4,000 acres) at the edge of the forest complex.

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