Restoring life to Thailand’s forgotten forest

Late last month, FREELAND trialed a new reforestation approach – planting trees that will bear edible fruits and foliage to encourage animals and life to rapidly return to forest areas damaged by encroachment.

Thap Lan Reforestation June 23, 2009. Photo by Emmanuelle Clarke

Almost 200 children from five schools in the Lampiek and Kok Krachai districts joined park rangers, FREELAND staff and villagers to plant the trees in a 20 rai area of the remote Thap Lan National Park, which extends east from Khao Yai in the forest complex.

In total, more than 2,500 trees were planted as part of FREELAND’s Edible Foliage Pockets trial [more on this concept soon], including:

Planted Species June 23 EFP Trial (Thap Lan)

Like previous reforestation projects, this planting during the rainy season gives saplings the best chance to thrive.

In addition to restoring habitat for wildlife and helping to mitigate global warming, FREELAND reforestation activities are organized to provide:

  • Employment for local villagers;
  • Positive engagement between local communities and park protection authorities;
  • Education on the importance of conservation for local students;
  • An opportunity for citizen and Corporate Social Responsibility.

This project was made possible with the kind support of Khun Jiroj Nimmannit and Sanctuary V. Please contact FREELAND if you would like to be involved in the next reforestation project.


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