Greenpeace calls for Chang[e]

Yesterday, Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Chang[e] Caravan set off from Khao Yai to send a message to the world’s political leaders to act against the threat of disastrous climate change.


‘Chang’ means ‘Elephant’ in Thai, one of the most revered creatures in the country, but elephants can suffer greatly when removed from the wild. Five Asian Elephants in the Caravan were rescued and rehabilitated from Bangkok’s streets by the Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund.

Over the next two weeks, the elephants and activists will travel 250km south to the outskirts of the capital to raise awareness about the delicate interconnection between wildlife and climate.

Greenpeace Chang[e] Caravan Launch at Khao Yai (Photo by Greenpeace) Greenpeace Change Caravan Hits the Road (Photo by Greenpeace)

Before setting off, mahout elders held a ceremony, praying to the spirits of ancestor mahouts for safety and luck on the journey. Thai Buddhist monks also blessed the caravan.

Along the way they will hold activities for students and communities on elephant and forest conservation, climate change impacts and renewable energies. Follow the caravan’s progress on Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Greenpeace calls for Chang[e]

  1. It’s good for both elephans and environment. Win-Win situation! Well done. I already sent link to my American friend who really loves elephants.


  2. Hi Emily, thanks for your concern.

    There is a long history of domesticated elephants in Thailand and it is not uncommon to see them ridden here. It is true that not all are well cared for.

    These elephants are from the rescue center near the park and were being ridden by handlers responsible for ensuring they are cared for and fed.

    Like tigers and many other species, it is extremely difficult to release elephants into the wild if they have spent even part of their lives in captivity (primarily because they see humans as a non-threat or food provider, which can be a fatal mistake).

    This is why wild animals should never be taken from the wild. However, once they have been, we should care for them as best we can.

    I don’t feel the Chang[e] campaign caravan was unethical but, if you still have concerns, please contact Greenpeace.

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