Learning about Clouded Leopards

More than 250 students kept FREELAND‘s Community Outreach Team Leader Sayan Raksachart busy as our Mobile Education Unit visited numerous local schools over recent months, delivering fun lessons focused on the biology and behavior of Clouded Leopards, as well as efforts to understand and protect them.

Clouded Leopards are a vulnerable, distinctive, mid-sized wild cat species native to Southeast Asia. Find out more about the species from our friends at the Clouded Leopard Project.

With teaching materials and financial support from the Point Defiance Zoo, and the help of staff from Khao Yai and Tap Lan national parks, the Mobile Unit taught students about the importance of habitat conservation and ranger patrols to protect the species.

Lessons focus on fun, hands-on activities, including songs, pantomime and making plaster-molds of animal footprints – a technique used for identification and monitoring.

Help us nurture more future wildlife conservationists in Thailand’s schools with a donation to support the Mobile Education Unit.


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