Preventing conflict with hungry hungry elephants

FREELAND Foundation is working closely with the Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex’s rangers and surrounding communities to monitor and protect wildlife, as well as find solutions to pressing conservation issues.

During the dry season, crop raiding by elephants north of the Complex has become a serious problem for local farmers and threatens to spark human-elephant conflict, which can be fatal.

To help find ways to solve this problem before people or elephants lose their lives, FREELAND and the Elephant Conservation Network (ECN) organized a special training for nine rangers at Kanchanburi during August 7-9, 2010. They learned how to monitor, report and respond to crop raiding.

A study tour of Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary (around which similar problems have been successfully mitigated) gave rangers and FREELAND staff a chance to talk with local villagers in order to help share their experiences and solutions with people farming land near the DPKY Forest Complex.

Preventing tree clearing and ecosystem degradation and maintaining large habitat corridors are overarching solutions that reduce incentives for elephants to leave the forest in search of food.


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