Making tourism wildlife friendly

Khao Yai National Park attracts between 500,000 and 1 million visitors every year, sometimes more. With high volume tourism, park staff face real challenges to ensure adverse impacts on wildlife and ecosystems are minimized.

Based on research conducted at the park this year, Asia Fellow Award winner Wiwik Mahdayani from the Jakarta-based Destination Management Center for Sustainable Tourism & Conservation has made several strategic recommendations to ensure tourism is managed sustainably, including:

  1. Improving understanding of basic environmental issues among visitors to encourage appreciation for the park and responsible behavior;
  2. Building capacity for tourism service among park staff so they can also encourage responsible visitor behavior; and
  3. Improving marketing strategies and communication of ecotourism at Khao Yai to disperse flow of visitors to the park more evenly.

For detailed recommendations and more insights into visitor management and ecotourism development at Khao Yai, download the full case study.

DESMA Case Study: Visitor Managementat Khao Yai National Park

One thought on “Making tourism wildlife friendly

  1. According to Wiwik’s research, the most common visitor to Khao Yai is a 21-35 year old Thai person from Bangkok, who sees the park as a tranquil escape with attractive scenery and cooler weather.

    The most popular activity for Thai visitors is trekking to waterfalls in the park, while international tourists come mainly for the wildlife and scenery.

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