Wildlife art competition: What’s a Numbat?

If you found a Numbat in Khao Yai National Park, it would be one seriously lost marsupial. But this unique endangered Australian animal is the focus of our ‘What’s a Numbat?’ conservation art competition!

To encourage students in Thailand and Australia to share their ideas and passion for wildlife conservation, we’re asking students here to find out what a Numbat is and charge up their creativity. The mission: create banners to help raise awareness about endangered species!

Paws for Thought Conservation Art Competition

There are some great prizes on offer, including the chance to become a wildlife researcher for a day with FREELAND. Winning entries will be displayed at Western Australia’s Perth Zoo and in Thailand. Check the competition flyer above for details and other prizes (boomerangs, DVD sets, and more!)

Students and teachers in Thailand wishing to take part may contact FREELAND for an entry form / teacher’s pack. Enter by March 30, 2012.

‘What’s a Numbat?’ and the Paws for Thought conservation education program is made possible with support from the Australia-Thailand Institute, Free the Bears and Perth Zoo.

While you’re waiting for the winners, why not learn a bit about Numbat foster care at Perth Zoo?

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