Bears Might Fly 2

Three years after the original flying bear incident at Khao Yai, Sunny touched down in Bangkok to prepare for his star role in this month’s youth camp at the park.

Awaiting paparazzi snapped several shots of Sunny looking jet lagged and agitated.

Sunny weighs in Sunny tags out

True to superstar status, Sunny is fashionably late, having missed the first Paws for Thought youth camp in December.

The iconic bear will have to share the limelight with Numbat and Chuditch, as this Australia-Thailand Institute sponsored camp will introduce Thai students to endangered Australian marsupials as part of a learning exchange with schools in Perth, Western Australia.

Sunny doesn’t care much for marsupials, so he’ll be focused encouraging students to become leading conservation advocates for Asian bears.

Thanks to Sunny’s agent Free the Bears for letting us borrow the mercurial star for this special event at Khao Yai; and to Perth Zoo for providing education materials on co-stars Numbat and Chuditch.

Please consider making a small donation to fund an extra student’s place at the youth camp, or else Sunny’s gang may have to pay you a visit.

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