Wildlife safety tips for drivers

Wildlife Crossing sign

Dramatic growth in the number of people vising Khao Yai National Park over the past decade means there are now many more vehicles on the road.

Frequently we hear reports of incidents on the road where wildlife or cars (no match for wild elephants) come off worse for wear. Sadly, sometimes there are fatal consequences for people and animals.

To avoid dangerous situations for your family or unfortunate incidents that injure or kill wildlife, please follow and help share these important tips for driving with care in the park.

Tips for drivers

  • If you encounter wildlife on the road, stop your car at a distance and wait for it to pass (leave the engine idling to avoid turning it off and restarting).
  • Drive slowly past any groups of primates that don’t leave the roadside, keeping your windows closed.
  • Keep any food in a bag inside your car (make sure it’s not visible).
  • If an elephant approaches or interacts with your vehicle, stay inside the vehicle, keeping it stationary (engine idling) and wait for the elephant to move away.
  • Never honk your horn at elephants.
  • If you encounter an injured animal, report it to park officers.
  • Always stick to public access roads.
  • Be alert, drive slowly and with care.

What’s the rush? Slower speeds give yourself and wildlife more time to pass safely, while also giving your passengers more time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the park.

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